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Are you ready for a new style and look for your ride? What if you also got the benefit of improved performance and safety on the road? RNR Tire Express specializes in helping you create a Tire and Wheel package that enhances the look of your vehicle and will be sure to leave a lasting impression when you drive by. RNR has a wide range of styles and finishes and the largest selection of top brand name aftermarket tires and custom wheels that will fit your car, truck or SUV perfectly!

Upgrading your wheels (or rims) is one of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle. Whether you buy today or use our “Everyone’s Approved,” Easy Payments for Easy Ownership option, you’ll always get the tires you need and the wheels you want. Each purchase includes FREE professional installation from our trusted Tire and Wheel Technicians.

Schedule an appointment at your local RNR Tire Express and one of our friendly and knowledgeable Tire and Wheel Experts will follow up with you shortly.

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Wheels and Tire Packages In Greenville

Are you in need of Tires and Wheels? Look no further than your local RNR Tire Express! We specialize in Tires, Wheels and Alignments to make sure your vehicle is road ready. We even offer affordable payment options that best fit your budget. Whether you’re looking for Performance, Off-Road or Passenger Tires, we’ve got you covered!

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Buy Today

Get the best value on today’s top brand name tires and wheels.

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Weekly / Bi-Weekly

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Everyone’s approved. No credit needed. Choose the payment schedule that best fits your budget.