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Your tires bear the marks of all your time spent on the road. Though you take care to avoid potholes and rugged terrain, your wheels will wear. Here are the common signs you need new tires.

Old Age

There is simply a time when some things need replacing, your car tires included. Old tires have more wear and are more likely to pop due to the length of exposure to the elements. Many tire manufacturers and car dealers recommend replacing old tires every five or ten years, even if they have a fair amount of tread.

Consistent Problems

Many people experience consistent problems with their tires. Whether you have a slow leak or an unaligned, bumpy tire, you should not allow these issues to persist—you need new tires. Falling air pressure is a sign of small tears that may not impact your driving on short trips, but they could result in a full-on flat tire given enough time. Misaligned tires that shake your car chassis will wear your tires more quickly, meaning you’ll need new tires more often.

Worn Tire Tread

A worn tire tread is one of the easiest ways to tell if you need new tires. The simple fact of the matter is that a tire without tread will not give you enough traction to drive. Many do not fathom the danger of bald, worn tires, especially in unsavory weather conditions. For a quick and straightforward way to tell if your tire tread is too low, use the penny test. Place a penny head-first into your tire tread. If you can see past Lincoln’s head, then your tread is far too low. Avoid skidding and sliding in rain and snow with a new set of tires.

Warped Tires

Tire rubber is quite durable, but it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Tires can warp in several ways: cracks, bubbles, and gouges. Cracks form on tires mostly due to old age and exposure. On the other hand, bubbling is the result of manufacturer defects or air moving between tire layers. Gouges are most common when you scrape against hard objects and debris in the road. No matter how your tires warp, the end result is the same—a tire that needs replacing. Keep the common signs you need new tires in mind as you assess your car’s maintenance needs. If you need a new set of wheels, check out our selection at our RNR tire shop in Anderson, Indiana.

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