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More and more hybrids and electric cars are popping up on America’s highways. They are gaining popularity since the introduction of the Tesla, and for good reason. They’re cool cars and are as fast as anything else on the road. The major drawback of these cars, though, is the price. A hybrid or electric car will set you back a few notes, and with the popularity still sky-high, the price won’t be dropping soon. That’s okay, though; you can still be green when you hit the streets. There are ways to make your car more eco-friendly until you can afford an electric.

Get the Junk Out of Your Trunk

Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, and we cart plenty of stuff around. When you get out of your car, take everything with you—don’t leave it in the trunk or backseat. All that extra stuff is extra weight that the engine has to move. Extra weight means extra work for the engine, which means extra fuel burning to do the work. Get that junk out your trunk and improve the fuel efficiency.

Don’t Top Off the Tank

Cars come equipped with a vapor collection system in the gas tank. That is there to allow the gasoline vapors to expand in the tank. When you top off your tank at the gas pump, you steal that extra space for the vapor to expand. You also run the risk of forcing fuel into the carbon filter, affecting the engine performance. Plus, that’s just extra money you are costing yourself for another 1/10th of a gallon of gas; ultimately, you don’t even know if you got the fuel.

Pay for the Extra-Deluxe Wash

Washing your car at home in the driveway is a summertime ritual. It’s something to do outdoors instead of sitting in the house on a nice day. You can get out the garden hose, some soap, and a sponge, and kill a few hours detailing your ride. However, all that road grime, salt, oil, and debris run off your car and go directly into the ground and the storm sewers and, eventually, into lakes, rivers, oceans, and the water supply. That certainly isn’t a way to make your car more eco-friendly. Instead, take your car to the deluxe fancy handwashing joint and pay a little extra for the environment. Those places use less water than you might think. High-quality wheels and cheap tires in Sumter, SC, live at RNR Tire Express. Come see what we have and what we can do for your car or truck.

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