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When you’ve been using a set of tires for long enough, you may start to find that they’ve turned a slight brownish color. While this occurrence isn’t particularly bad for the longevity of your tires (in fact, it can actually be good in some cases), it can greatly tarnish their appearance. As such, it’s often a hindrance when you’re trying to maintain the overall beauty of your vehicle. This is why tire sidewalls turn brown and tips for preventing it.


When tires start turning a brown hue, they do so over a certain period of time through a process called oxidization. This is when certain chemicals become exposed to the outside air and undergo a reaction, leaving a residue on the material’s surface as a result. In this case, the chemical in question is known as antiozonant. It’s an element that’s infused within a tire’s rubber compound to help it withstand premature drying and prevent cracking as the tire ages. Antiozonant tends to push itself toward the outer edges of the tire over time, which is what causes the browning or blooming to worsen.


Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent blooming as tires get older. However, knowing why tire sidewalls turn brown is the first key step in mitigating this effect. You can lessen blooming through frequent and thorough tire cleanings. This is because you’re washing away the amount of brownish residue on the surface of the tire. Protecting the tires with a special sealant can help as well since it will restrict the oxidization process.

Remember, while blooming might not be pretty to look at, it’s an essential part of a tire’s lifecycle. In fact, the residue left behind can limit the amount of damage a tire experiences as a result of oxidization. So, it’s actually considered a good thing for preserving their performance.


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