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Your car’s tires define how it interacts with the road. Tire tread is critical to your car’s performance, providing the grip and traction it needs to move forward. It affects your driving experience so much so that if your car has worn tires, it’s likely to slip and slide more than if it had fresh ones. Here are a few reasons why tire tread depth is important.



It goes without saying that you drive your car when you need to travel somewhere, regardless of the weather conditions. This means your tires must keep up with any rain, snow, dirt, or sand through which you could be trekking, especially in larger storms. Tire tread depth determines your car’s ability to navigate difficult terrain and inclement weather. Tire tread is designed to funnel excess water out from underneath the wheel when the roads are wet with rain or snow. This allows for maximum friction between the road and your tire when needed most. Winter tires even come with more grooves in the treads to prevent dangerous slipping on snow and ice.



The stopping distance is the space needed for a car in motion to reach a complete stop. For example, if you’re driving on the highway, the stopping distance will be larger than if you were driving in a small neighborhood. When you stop quickly, your tires are the only thing slowing you down. The friction between your tire treads and the road decreases your momentum so that you can stop fast. However, worn-out tire treads don’t perform as well in these quick-stop situations, potentially putting you and the people around you in danger. Tire tread depth is key to your road safety.



Tires come in all sizes, tread patterns, widths, and colors. The tires needed for professional car racing are much different than those used for commercial driving. This is because the tire types and tread patterns allow for various driving experiences. From a sporty feel to a normal experience, tire tread can affect how you interact with the car when you’re driving.


Understanding why tire tread depth is important allows you to find the right tire for your needs. Whether you want specific tires to address your seasonal climate or style preferences, the right tires are out there for you. If you have noticed wear and reduction of your tire treads, visit one of our tire stores in Anderson, Indiana, to learn about your replacement options.

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