Company Picnic Nominations
Hi leaders! At our company picnic, we will be giving awards to our corporate locations. Below are the categories with descriptions of each award. Please nominate a team member for each category. Thank you!

Less than a year at RNR, but serves / works as hard as a tenured team member.

Salesperson who has sold and rented the most inventory this year.

Account Manager who has the highest percentage or closest to 100% of Collected vs Potential.

Team member who stood our in customer service and received best mentions on Google for going above and beyond.

Team member who embodies striving to be "The Best Tire Wheel Concept In America"

Team member who embodies the concept, "Serve Not Service"

Team member who embodies the concept, "Changed Lives, Changing Lives"

Store / Team member that promotes through boots on the ground, sending to Michelle or posting content on local pages.

Technician with the best performance both with installs and serving customers.