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Nobody likes a flat, leaking, or underinflated car tire. It’s worse when you don’t even have a pump nearby. Below, we offer helpful ways to inflate a car tire without using a pump in an emergency.

Air Compressor

The best way to inflate tires if you don’t have a pump at your disposal is to use an air compressor. An air compressor is faster and easier to use than a pump, so it’s wise to always keep a portable unit in your car in case of a flat.

You use a portable air compressor like any air compressor. Check tire pressure, start the compressor, remove the tire valve stem cap, place the nozzle on the open valve stem, and inflate to the desired pressure. You can find portable air compressors in nearly every auto shop. When getting one, consider looking for a compressor that can plug into your car for power instead of requiring an outside power source. You probably won’t have a convenient external power source if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Aerosol Tire Patch Can

An aerosol tire patch can is another convenient tool to keep in your vehicle to inflate a car tire without a pump. These tire patch cans are easy to find at any auto store and most gas stations.

They’re easy to use and generally all work the same way. You screw the hose nozzle from the aerosol can to the tire valve stem and press the tab on the can to release the air into the tire. Most also contain a liquid glue that helps seal any leaks in the tire from within. This way, you can inflate your tire and patch up a leak at the same time!

Gas Station

If you have a flat tire without a tire pump, air compressor, or aerosol can, there’s not much more you can do than bring it to the nearest gas station or auto store or change the tire. If the tire is completely punctured, it’s not safe to drive on. You should replace it or have the car towed to the nearest tire shop.

If the tire is just underinflated slightly or leaking slowly, you should be able to drive to the nearest gas station slowly. Once at a gas station, you can use the public air compressor or maybe even find an aerosol tire patch can inside to quickly and easily fill your underinflated tire.


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