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Owning a car is a constant drain on your finances. They are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, expensive to insure, and expensive to operate. Buying gas is the one constant expense you’ll always have attached to the car. Putting gas in your car is a weekly expense that won’t go away for as long as you own it. The good news is you can trim that cost a bit with these easy ways to save money on gas.

Don’t Tap the Brakes

Riding and tapping the brakes is a bad habit for two reasons. One, it’s dangerous because the car behind won’t know if you are stopping for real or just riding your brakes. That habit can lead to an accident. Two, it burns fuel when you tap the brakes. When you slow the car, you have to press the gas to get back up to speed. Next time you have to adjust your speed for the guy in front of you, just take your foot off the gas. The weight and inertia of the car will slow it without you having to touch the brakes.

Find a Cheap Spot

Just because the price of gas is $2.50 a gallon doesn’t mean you have to pay it. Shop around and find the station near you with the cheapest price. There are even apps available that can help you find the best price. Additionally, some major grocery chains have cheap gas for their members. If you live in a border town, check the next state over, as they might have cheaper prices than your home state.

Stop Speeding

Excessive speed means excessively burning fuel. It might be fun to drive fast, or you might have an emergency and have to be somewhere quick, but that’s costing money. Think of it like this—every time you stomp on the gas pedal, that costs you a dime at the pump. You’re only shortening the time between fill-ups.

Form a Carpool

If you work with people you don’t mind being in a car with, form a carpool. Find three other people who are willing to switch off and on driving. This way, your car is only driving to work one week out of the month. This goes for smaller get-togethers as well. Instead of driving by yourself to the game, have everyone pile into the biggest vehicle in the group and go together.

Stay Home Instead

If there is anything good to say about the current lockdown is that there is less need to go anywhere. The easiest way to save money on gas is to simply not drive. Before you choose to drive off somewhere, decide if it’s truly necessary and worth the expense. By limiting trips you take, you’ll be able to easily save money. RNR Tire Express is your place for cheap tires in Sumter, SC. We have an extensive line up of wheels and tires for every car and truck under the sun.

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