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Before heading off to college, there are many decisions to make. New students have to decide what clothes to bring, what classes to take, how to decorate the dorm, and whether or not to bring a car. College campuses are designed to keep everything centrally located. More times than not, everything a student will need is within walking or biking distance. That’s not to say that a car is completely useless on campus—this is America, after all, and we love our cars. Having a car on campus makes trips home easier for everyone and gives you a chance to explore the surrounding area. These are some essential tips for bringing your car to college that may come in handy.

Get a Parking Pass

Parking on any college campus comes at a premium. Colleges issue parking passes to students so that they can park on campus. Colleges also give out commuter parking passes for students who don’t live on campus. The parking pass will allow you to park on campus without getting a ticket or towed. Find out exactly where the pass allows you to park and only park in those designated lots and spaces; after all, no one wants to get ticketed or towed.

Check Your Insurance Policy

If you are going to school in a different state or larger city, you may need to adjust your insurance policy. The rates for car insurance could be lower or higher in the new state or city. Insurance rates vary from place to place. If you are going to school in an area that the insurance company views as high-risk, your rates will increase.

Know the Crime Rate

Look into the area beforehand. Knowing the rate of crime against people and property is essential information, especially when it comes to your car. If there is a high instance of car theft or burglary, you may want to reconsider bringing the car. Find a safe place to leave the car while you aren’t using it to reduce the risk of it getting stolen or broken into.

Prepare to Be Popular

Having a car on campus makes you an instant celebrity. A lot of people don’t bring their car to school, relying on the fact that someone else will. That doesn’t make them a bad person—they’re just in need of a ride. You will make friends fast because of your ability to give rides and act as a taxi. Give rides at your own risk, or don’t; at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Visit RNR Tire Express when you need high-quality and cheap tires in Rock Hill. We have a full lineup of wheels and tires for all makes and models.

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