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Avoid driving in any major city at all costs. If you don’t have to drive in a city, then don’t do it. There is public transportation, car services, or even walking and riding a bike. Those are all preferred to driving in the city; it’s a jungle. City driving is kind of like being in a 500-man battle royal with no holds barred. There are thousands of other cars down there all trying to get somewhere, double-parked delivery trucks, traffic cops, and people on foot all getting in the way. If you must drive downtown, then use these essential tips for city driving, and God speed.

Be Assertive

City driving is not time to be passive, friendly, and take it easy. It’s Thunderdome, and if you aren’t aggressive, you’ll get driven over, almost literally. There is limited space on the roads and in between lights. So, if you don’t get your car moving fast in a short space, you’ll be making your way to the destination 30 yards at a time. Don’t be a jerk about it, but don’t be a pushover either.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

There are obstacles, accidents, and moving hazards all over the city. You always need to keep your eyes up and on the road. Don’t play around with the radio or your phone for a second. Taking your eyes off the road and your mirrors will increase the odds you get in an accident 100 percent. Cars pull out of spots and bike riders shoot out of alleys quickly, and if you aren’t looking, you’re going to hit something.

Watch for Pedestrians

People tend to walk more in the city, probably because driving down there is the worst. Keep an eye out for people crossing the street and jaywalking. Most people use the crosswalk and obey the signals, but there are those in a hurry and who cross in the middle of the street. Don’t make them a statistic, and keep both eyes scanning for them.

Taxicabs Are the Enemy

Taxi drivers think they own the road, and maybe they do. They drive in the cities day after day and know how to navigate them with the speed and grace of a bull in a china shop. Taxicabs will blow a red light, change lanes without signaling, cut you off, and break all the other rules of the road in the name of a fare. Watch out for them and give them some space to operate. They aren’t looking for anything other than people on the sidewalk with their hands in the air. RNR Tire Express is the best tire store in Chattanooga, TN. Come see our shop and pick out some new rims and tires for your car or truck.

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