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Hazardous road conditions and deteriorating road quality can turn up anywhere. You never know when you’re going to run into these circumstances, so it is in your best interest to know how to drive over rough roads before you encounter them. Rough roads can pose a danger to yourself; however, knowing how to properly navigate them will eliminate much of the potential risk.

There’s No Rush

The simplest solution to handling road conditions that are not ideal is to take it slow and be cautious; there is no reason to go faster than what is safe. Slowing down will give you the reaction time you need to protect yourself from oncoming danger.

Long-Term Vehicle Damage

Depending on how bad the road is, going too fast will likely also ruin your tires and suspension due to the bumping. Going slow keeps you focused on the road and prevents any unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

Always Be Suspicious of Puddles

Water often pools in potholes, and that can mask the depth of those holes. Puddles can even make potholes seem shallower than they actually are, tricking you into thinking that they are safe to drive over. Often, you may not be able to determine a flooded pothole’s depth while driving, which is why you should avoid them whenever you can.

Caution When Avoiding

Make sure that when you avoid potholes that you are not putting yourself in another dangerous situation. Suddenly swerving out of the way to avoid a pothole can lead to a collision with another car on the road. Be aware of your surroundings and know when it is safe to avoid and when it is better to stay in your lane.

Know How To Handle Animals

Animals wandering onto the road are common wherever you go. Each one can respond to an oncoming car differently; larger animals, like cows, will slowly move out of the way—if they move at all. Smaller animals, like squirrels or rabbits, are fast and unpredictable and may run out of the way. Deer might be in packs and freeze up once they see your car coming.

Respond Accordingly

If the animal in the road poses a significant danger to you and your vehicle if you were to run into it, then you need to slow down. Much like avoiding potholes, only swerve when you know that there is no car next to you that you might hit.

Know What Your Car Can Handle & Know the Damage

Knowing your car’s limits will greatly determine how you drive over rough roads. If your tires are worn and your suspension is compromised, then hazardous road conditions will be much more dangerous to you. Ensure that your car is up to the task if you know you are heading toward harsh conditions. Check out RNR Tire Express for the best tire shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma; our professionals will recommend the safest tires for your car. Meet the challenges of the road fully prepared.

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