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Driving through mud is a tricky process that can trap your vehicle if you don’t know what you’re doing. The tricky part comes due to the many forms mud can take; you have no idea if it’ll be smooth enough to traverse or thick enough to get stuck in. That’s why knowing how to drive your truck in mud is a necessary piece of information before you set out off the road.

Four-Wheel Drive

It’s good practice to always hit the mud in four-wheel drive. Typically, you won’t be able to tell how much power it’s going to take to clear a patch of mud, and in these situations, it’s better to hit it with as much as you have from the start. The likelihood of recovering from driving in with too little power is low, which is why its necessary to adopt the phrase “better safe than sorry”.

Keep it Straight

You’re going to need as much force as possible, which means that after you turn on the four-wheel drive, you’re going to have to pick a trajectory and keep at it. Turning the wheel will only reduce your momentum and increase the chances of your truck losing too much force to get it across the bog. Pick the best route across the mud, keep the wheels straight, and maintain your momentum until you’re clear.

Do Not Brake

When going through a pit of mud, you might notice your traction starting to slip, and your progress forward will be halted. When this happens, you need to ease up on the throttle a little until you feel your tires grip the mud again, then go back to increasing your throttle. Do not hit the brakes when you’re still in the mud. The moment your truck stops, start recovering it.

Have a Backup Plan

There may come a time when you get trapped in a mud pit. When that happens, you’re going to need a Plan B to get you out of there. Always try to go off-roading with a group; you never know when an emergency will happen, and being surrounded by people is safer than being alone. Have some recovery gear on hand, and make sure everyone else has the necessary tools to dig your truck out of the mud.

Make Sure Your Tires Are up To the Task

It’s imperative you know the conditions of your tires before and after every trip. Learning how to drive through mud starts with having the best equipment, and a truck with worn tires is more likely to get stuck. If you need a new set of tires, contact RNR Tire Express in Wichita, Kansas. Their trained automotive professionals can help you pick out the best tires for traversing through mud, keeping yourself and your truck in one piece.

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