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Modern trucks and SUVs are rugged, capable, and can do a lot with minimal modifications. With a few minor additions, you can turn your stock truck into a rock crawler. When driving off the beaten path, it’s hard to predict what you’ll come across. Making a few modifications will prepare you to take on anything. Look for equipment made specifically for your vehicle, be safe, and learn how to get your truck ready for off-roading.

Get Good Tires

The standard stock tires that roll off the assembly line won’t be enough to take on the rigors of off-roading. New tires are the easiest way to get your truck ready for off-roading. You’ll need larger tires that are rated for off-road adventures. Make sure they fit your vehicle and have a deep tread that will grip mud, sand, and any other type of terrain you encounter.

Add a Trailer Hitch

Even if you don’t plan on towing anything, a hitch is a good thing to add to your vehicle. The hitch provides a mounting point for a wide array of accessories, including bike racks, spare tire carriers, and even BBQs. It also provides a solid low point in case you need to be pulled out of a ditch. You can also use a hitch for its intended purpose of pulling trailers loaded with ATVs and other fun things.

Add a Lift Kit

Ground clearance is important when off-roading. There are many rocks, downed trees, and deep mud puddles you will need to navigate. Being higher off the ground will keep the tires on the ground instead of the frame. A modes lift of an inch allows you to get larger tires on your truck too.

Upgrade the Bushings and Suspension

Upgrading the suspension and bushings usually goes along with lifting the vehicle. Replacing the stock suspension with heavy-duty springs, hardware, and bushing will lift the truck on its own. It will also strengthen the vehicle and keep parts from snapping. A snapped bolt or blown bushing will leave you stranded.

Secure a Strong Winch

Adding a winch to your truck can be the difference between getting stuck and going home. Mounting winch to the front of your vehicle with a steel hook and cable will help you get free of sticky situations. Wrap the cable around a tree and use the winch to pull the truck to freedom. This is one of those items you hope you’ll never need but are certainly glad to have in a worst-case scenario. RNR Tire Express is the place for serious off-roading tires in Fayetteville, NC. Check out our lineup of rugged truck tires.

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