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Off-roading doesn’t come with a script. There’s no one way to do it, and people enjoy getting out on the trail for many different reasons. You may appreciate being behind the wheel and driving like you never could before, while others use their vehicles to help them explore the unknown. However you do it, you need an off-road-ready truck to get you through unpredictable trails. To discover how to prepare your truck for off-roading, read this quick guide.

Get Proper Tires

For many, all-terrain tires are more than enough for the brand of off-roading they’ll do. They are at home on pavement and many moderate trails. For more intense off-roading in wetter, rougher regions, go for a tire with bigger tread blocks. This means picking up mud or rock crawler tires. Keep in mind, though, these bulky tires, while masters of the beaten path, deteriorate quickly if they rack up too many road miles.

Use a Lift Kit

Another staple is the truck lift kit. These tools and add-ons allow you to safely modify your suspension and gain clearance. Besides looking cool, doing this prevents you from damaging your truck as you traverse uneven terrain. It comes with step-by-step instructions to ease your assembly worries, so this mod isn’t as intimidating as it may sound.

Install Skid Plates

In many trucks, the undercarriage doesn’t have the same protection other facets do. Even if you lift your suspension to limit damage, you should take extra measures to protect your engine, transmission, exhaust system, and more from below. Specially designed for this purpose, skid plates provide a collision-resistant barrier you’ll appreciate having.

Take Advantage of Your Roof Space

Our final tip for preparing your truck for off-roading is to make good use of your roof. There are some options here: either you store your things up top in a roof rack or incorporate a rooftop tent for easy camping. Going the roof rack route frees up space inside the vehicle so your passengers can enjoy a day out on the trail without feeling cramped inside. Meanwhile, a rooftop tent gives you the flexibility to camp wherever you like with the benefit of a simpler tent setup. If you’re in the market for off-road tires in OKC, get in touch with RNR Tire Express. Our helpful team will help you find exactly what you need.

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