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Just because a vehicle functions well on the road, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best option for the environment itself. In fact, standard fuel-burning cars are what tend to do the most harm. But with other types of automotive technology in development that offer a cleaner alternative, the question still remains of which is actually better. This is the answer to whether hybrid or electric cars are more eco-friendly and some of the factors that impact how much energy they consume.

What Makes a Car Eco-Friendly?

Before we can effectively compare the two different models, it’s important to have an understanding of what to look for in an eco-friendly car. Typically, these vehicles will release a lower amount of carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere. Or, when they do release emissions, these fumes will be less toxic because they run on cleaner fuel. Many of these cars are also designed to run on less energy or fuel in general, making them very effective at conserving resources.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars

Now, where do hybrid and electric vehicles fall on the scale of environmental impact? Well, that can depend on several things—including the manufacturer of a certain brand and what specific components they use. So, we’ll be discussing whether hybrid or electric cars are more eco-friendly in general and how they each operate.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles are blended models that can run on both conventional fossil fuels and electricity. This means they do still produce carbon emissions. However, the amount that they produce can be up to 50 percent lower than a fuel-burning engine. So, while these cars might not be the perfect solution to the Earth’s pollution problem, they’re certainly a great place to start.

Electric Cars

Electric cars, on the other hand, run exclusively on electricity and, therefore, produce no emissions from driving. It is important to note that they are still responsible for some greenhouse gas production. After all, it does produce some emissions to generate the necessary electricity in the first place. As such, they aren’t considered a fully clean alternative either—though they’d definitely be the eco-friendlier of the two. Regardless of what type of car you drive, your tires will still have an effect on how much fuel your vehicle consumes. In fact, the older and more worn down your tires are, the greater risk you have of overusing energy to run your vehicle. This is why the team at RNR Tire Express is dedicated to ensuring every driver has access to the quality replacement tires they need to travel efficiently and safely. Visit our tire shops in Knoxville, TN, to learn more about our products and our extensive range of options.

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