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We know that electric vehicles (EVs) don’t produce carbon emissions like gas cars. But is investing in a new EV or a used gas car better? Below, we compare new EVs and used gas cars to determine which is more eco-friendly.

Carbon Emissions

There’s no doubt that when it comes to carbon emission output, there’s not much of a comparison between an EV and an internal-combustion car. As we all know, EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, making them much more environmentally friendly on the road and throughout the car’s lifespan.

While there’s a myth that EV charging is bad for the environment because of the coal power used to produce electricity, only a fraction of the US power grid comes from coal. The electricity needed to charge an EV isn’t significant enough to offset the gains from tailpipe emission reduction. Even fuel-efficient cars and hybrids that use much less fuel and emit fewer tailpipe emissions can’t hold a candle to the clean air benefits of EVs.

Factory Production

The area where used gas cars are more eco-friendly than new EVs is when it comes to factory production impact. EV technology and its production require a lot of energy and resources, which create carbon emissions and environmental waste that isn’t very environmentally friendly.

Even if all the gas cars in the world were suddenly replaced with EVs, we wouldn’t entirely eliminate carbon emissions due to the resources needed to produce EVs. So used cars are initially more beneficial to the environment because of the carbon impact from the factory production of EVs.

Which Car Is More Environmentally Friendly?

While each type of vehicle has certain advantages regarding environmental impact, if you want to go with the greenest choice, there’s no doubt that EVs are better for the environment than gas cars. While an EV’s initial factory carbon impact is more significant, the long-term environmental advantages offset these negatives.

Studies and some simple math show that over an EV’s lifespan, it’ll have a much smaller environmental impact than a gas car, particularly with tailpipe emissions. Car experts estimate that an EV only has to be on the road for a year instead of a gas car to yield a net positive for the environment. And if the EV lasts for a dozen years or longer, it’ll be a drastically greener car than an internal combustion model, even with the added environmental impact of its production.

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