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When you start shopping for a car or truck, there is one decision that you will have to make first. Will you buy a new or used vehicle? There are pros and cons to both, of course, and people have their ideas about them. Most of us start out buying used cars when we are young because we can’t afford anything else. The idea is that, as you get older, have a job, and make your own money, you can afford your dream car, straight off the showroom floor. Something happens along the way, though, that prevents some people from buying new. So, the debate rages on—new vs. used cars: which one is best?

Pros and Cons of Used

Buying a used car is a roll of the dice; you could roll a seven or snake eyes. It’s fun to believe that everyone is honest and not trying to sell you a lemon, but those people exist. When you buy used, you are buying someone else’s problem, especially if you buy off the street. A used car that comes from a dealership is more dependable. They are worried about their reputation and won’t sell a total piece of junk, but you will pay more for it. Bottom line is that you will save money buying used, but you risk buying a headache. Be sure to check the car thoroughly or take it to a mechanic before you buy it.

Pros and Cons of New

You know exactly what you are getting with a new car. It comes with a massive warranty, everything will work, and it will run great. If anything goes wrong, just take it back and they will fix it for free. Don’t forget the best part—the new car smell! It’s intoxicating. New cars will run for years without any problems. The problem, however, is that you will pay a lot of money for that car even if you are a staunch negotiator. And the second you drive that car off the lot, it loses value. Never believe someone when they say a new car is an investment; if it was, it’s a horrible one.

Which Is the Winner?

New or used; which one is best? No one can really say for sure. It’s up to the buyer and what they want out of the vehicle. For a new driver who might smash up several cars before they know how to drive, used is probably the best bet. Someone with a few bucks who doesn’t want to deal with any headaches on the road might want a new car. Look at your situation and finances so that you can make the right decision. RNR Tire Express is your home for wheels and tires in Greensboro, NC. Come check out our selection today.

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