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The environmental impact of throwing away tires is significant. Like anything else that can be recycled, old tires don’t belong in the landfill. They take up space that is better put to housing trash that can go nowhere else. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of waste we generate, but that isn’t always possible. In the case of car and truck tires, they are a necessary and valued commodity in the world. Moreover, tires are reusable and recyclable. Here’s how tires affect the environment when not disposed of properly.

Soil Leaching

As a tire breaks down in the landfill, its chemicals and materials leach into the soil. The heavy metals and other elements slowly disintegrate and leak into the soil, contaminating it. Rainwater and pressure spread the contaminants deeper and farther out from the center, putting groundwater at risk for contamination. Keeping tires out of the landfill will help ease the pollution of the soil and nearby groundwater.

Overflowing Landfills

There are thousands of landfills in the US, and they are overcrowded. Every day new waste is added to landfills that are already at capacity. Old tires are large, and they take up a lot of space. Adding them to an already bursting landfill is unnecessary and irresponsible. In response, many landfills have banned all tire disposals.

Increase in Pests

If you’ve ever seen an old tire swing left out in the rain, you know they are great at catching water. In landfills, the tires collect water just as well and become a home and resource for pests. Mosquitos will use the water to reproduce. Rats and mice will use the water to drink and sustain themselves and in turn reproduce. Nature will always find a way to endure, so there’s no need to give it an easy way to spread disease. Come visit our shop for the best tires in Fayetteville, NC, when you need new tires for your car or truck. We will dispose of your old tires responsibly.

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