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The hardest thing to learn for drivers of every skill level is parallel parking. Fortunately for a lot of drivers, they will never have to do it. However, for people who live in major cities, it’s the only way to find a parking spot. The secret to parallel parking is practice, practice, practice. It is a skill that is easy to learn, but repetition is the only way to keep that skill sharp. Parallel parking only requires a spot big enough to accommodate your vehicle—the rest is up to you. Use these steps, and you’ll be an expert parallel parker in no time.

  1. Find a spot big enough to park your vehicle in.
  2. Pull even to the car in front of the space. If your cars are different length, pull up enough so the rear bumpers are lined up. It doesn’t have to be exact, just close enough.
  3. Once stopped, turn your wheel all the way to the right. Don’t move the car when doing this.
  4. Turn around and look out the rear window.
  5. Shift into reverse, release the brake and start backing up. Keep the wheel turned all the way to the right.
  6. Stop backing up when the right-front corner of the car behind you is in the middle of your rear window. Imagine a line extending between the two points and stop when they line up.
  7. While stopped, turn the wheel back to the center position.
  8. Continue backing up until the front of your car clears the rear of the car in front of you, then stop.
  9. While stopped turn your wheel all the way to the left.
  10. With the wheel turned all the way to the left, resume backing up.
  11. As the car enters the space, continue to watch behind you so you don’t hit the car in the back. Once your car is parallel to the curb straighten the wheel to the center position. There should be equal space between your car and the cars in front and in back of you.

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the secret to parallel parking. Now keep doing it to sharpen that skill, and you’ll never have to avoid a parking space again. RNR Tire Express is the best tire shop in Knoxville, TN. Look at all our wheels and tires online, then come in for installation.

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