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When cars were first manufactured, a manual transmission was the only option. Automatic transmissions weren’t invented yet, so if you wanted to drive, you had to learn to drive with a manual transmission. For many car buyers today, a manual transmission is a deal-breaker, as they simply don’t know how to use them correctly. In this respect, a manual transmission has become something of a dying art. There are many reasons why you should consider a manual transmission, a few of which are listed below.

They’re More Fun

Today’s world is a passive place where everything is done for you. Groups of very smart people get together and find out the easiest way to do everything automatically. Driving a stick shift is a more engaging experience than driving an automatic car. You become part of the vehicle and can feel the acceleration and performance better. Operating a manual transmission is an active experience—it takes coordinated movements and concentration to do it well. Drivers must put down their phones, pay attention to the road, and play an active role when driving a stick shift.

Manual Is Harder to Steal

Theft protection is the best reason why you should consider a manual transmission. Knowing how to drive a manual transmission is a dying skill. Because of that, cars with a stick shift are harder to steal. Imagine a car thief looking for a target. He sees a BMW with a stick shift next to a rusty Prius with an automatic transmission. He can’t drive a stick shift, so which car do you think he’s going to steal? The one he can drive, of course. A manual transmission is the best anti-theft device in the world.

It’s a Good Skill To Have

Knowing how to drive a manual transmission is a good skill to have—it will open doors to you that weren’t there before. Now, you can learn to ride a motorcycle and teach your kids to do it too. If you’ve always wanted to drive big semi-trucks or dump trucks, now you can. Think of it as another skill for your utility belt that you can pull out whenever you need it.

They’re Cheaper

On average, manual transmission vehicles are cheaper than automatic vehicles. If two trucks have the same make and model, but one is automatic and the other manual, the manual vehicle will be cheaper. On the resale market, the stick shift is cheaper too. They’re not in demand as much these days because fewer people know how to drive them. Simple economic principles dictate that if a product isn’t in demand, it will be cheaper. Come to RNR Tire Express for sweet wheels and cheap tires in Beaufort—we have everything need.

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