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If you’ve been looking into replacing your tires, you’ve probably heard the term “void ratio” being thrown around. This term refers to a specific part of the tire’s tread—one that, while seemingly small, has a large impact on how much traction a tire has on the road. As such, having an understanding of this concept can be very helpful in the process going forward. This is what the tire void ratio means and what it can do for your car’s performance.

What Is the Tire Void Ratio?

When industry professionals use the term “tire void” or “tread void,” they’re referring to the areas of empty space between each of the tread blocks. Having these voided spots allow the tire to better flex against the terrain and maintain traction. With this in mind, the void ratio of a tire is a comparison between the amount of space taken up by gaps and the surface area of the tread face. Tire void ratios can vary depending on make, model, and manufacturer. However, these values typically either fall on the higher or lower end of the spectrum.

The Meanings of a High or Low Void Ratio

Now, when discussing what the tire void ratio means for your vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that high or low ratios offer varying benefits. As mentioned previously, void space makes a tire more flexible so it can mold better with the road and maintain the necessary amount of traction. This is the effect that a lower ratio provides. High void ratio tires, on the other hand, are better at draining. So, should you be driving over snowy or muddy roads, these tires are less likely to slide. Both high and low void ratio tires clearly have their uses, and it’s up to you to determine which would be better for your circumstances. For those living in areas with large amounts of precipitation, high ratio tires might work best. However, if you want to maximize traction on dry roadways, low ratio is the better option. If you’d like more information about tire void ratio or any other industry terminology, contact RNR Tire Express. Our tire dealers in Gastonia, NC, know these products like the backs of their hands, ensuring they can accurately explain what you should look for in a quality tire. We also carry thousands of top-notch tires at our shops and will work with you to find the one that fits your needs.

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