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When the temperatures rise in the summer, many drivers switch to summer tires instead of all-season or winter tires. What are the benefits of using summer tires in hot climates? We explain summer tires and their advantages below.

What Are Summer Tires?

Let’s learn what summer tires are and how they differ from general, all-season tires. As their name suggests, summer tires are designed for the hottest season of the year. They feature a different rubber compound and special tread patterns that maximize traction and durability at high speeds in warm temperatures.

Summer tires, also called performance tires, are ideal for high-performance vehicles due to their enhanced traction and drivability. The priorities of summer tires include speed, responsiveness, and durability under harsh conditions.

Advantages of Summer Tires in Hot Climates

Maximize Performance

Summer tires are also called performance tires because they’re ideal for sports cars and high-performance vehicles. Summer tires feature shallow grooves, a solid rib, and a directional tread pattern to offer better traction and control for vehicles traveling at high speeds.

Summer tires are an excellent place to start if you want to maximize your vehicle’s performance without sacrificing traction and safety.

Wet & Dry Traction

While summer tires are excellent for traction and maneuverability on the hottest days of the year, they’re also great for wet conditions. Summer tires feature a sticky tread compound that makes them better at navigating wet surfaces and preventing hydroplaning.

All-season tires often hydroplane in wet conditions, but summer tires are the best option for driving in the rain. Summer tires are more fun for high-performance vehicles, and they’re more practical!

Resistant to Heat

A significant benefit of summer tires in hot climates is that they’re much more resilient than all-season tires. The PSI in a tire rises one value for every 10-degree temperature increase, which means tires can easily become overinflated in hot climates.

Overinflation can make tires wear out faster and even cause a dangerous blowout. The rubber compounds of summer tires can withstand this onslaught of heat and are durable in even the most punishing heat conditions.

Where Can I Get Summer Tires?

Everyone in Texas knows how hot the summer can get, so if you’d like summer tires for your vehicle, we can help! Stop by the RNR Tire Express tire shop in Corpus Christi to get new tires for your vehicle that offer great performance and safety in the summer. Request a callback or appointment online today so we can set you up with the best tires for your car!

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