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The condition and quality of your car’s tires are crucial to the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Below, we offer helpful tips for checking and correcting your tire pressure to ensure your car is operating at its peak.

Know the Recommended Tire PSI

The first thing you should know regarding your tires is the recommended PSI for your car’s model. The recommended tire PSI comes from the OEM and is the ideal pressure range that makes your cars safer and more fuel efficient.

You can find the recommended PSI in the owner’s manual or on the sticker inside the driver’s-side doorjamb next to vehicle weight and tire information. In some cars, the front and rear tires can have different recommended PSI levels, so don’t assume every tire should be the same for your vehicle.

Check Tires When Cold

For the most accurate reading of your tires’ current PSI, you’ll want to check them when they’re colder. The outside temperature can dramatically affect the PSI, especially on hot and sunny days.

Since tires are black, they naturally absorb heat, further increasing the PSI within a tire. So it’s best to check tires in a garage or shady area to get the most accurate reading.

Pro-Tip: Check your tire’s pressure before driving, ideally in the morning, as extended driving can warm up the tires and increase the PSI.

Keep a Pressure Gauge in the Car

It’s a best practice for drivers to always have a few things in their cars. These include a spare tire, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a tire pressure gauge. You can opt for a simple old-school gauge or a digital one. Either work as well as the other and offer accurate readings.

While many modern cars have tire pressure sensors that alert drivers when the tire PSI gets too high or too low, they can be notoriously inaccurate and malfunction after years of use. The best way to get an accurate reading of your tires is still with an old-fashioned tire gauge.


We hope our tips help you correctly check and maintain your car’s tire pressure now and in the future! At RNR Tire Express, we’re experts on everything involving tires. We also have locations all over with services and tires in Laredo, Texas, and many other states, from Florida to Indiana and more.

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