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The wheels on your average car aren’t very complicated structures. The air pressure in the tire keeps it firmly in place over the wheel, which is mostly just a cylinder of metal. However, there are other kinds of wheels that tackle some more unique problems than a typical wheel might run into if you drive in ways that aren’t the norm. This article will dive a little deeper into some of the key things to know about beadlock wheels, which are a wheel alternative with some pretty useful benefits.

They Allow for Lower Tire Pressure

The first uses of beadlock wheels are believed to come from military applications. Military vehicles that drove over very rough terrain in places with few roads needed a way to keep their wheels intact despite having lower tire pressure.

Beadlock wheels use an extra ring on the outside of the tire that connects to the wheel through the tire itself. This allows for tire pressure to be lower than normal without risking the tire coming loose from the wheel.

Their Strength Lies Off-Road

Why would you want your wheel to work at a lower tire pressure? This is actually very important in off-road driving because it allows your tires to get better traction on rougher roads. This extra traction comes from lower tire pressure, allowing more of the tire’s surface area to touch the ground at any given time.

Tires with lower air pressure also tend to bounce around a lot less. This can help make off-road driving a less uncomfortable scenario. Beadlock wheels are the best solution for someone who wants to lower their tire pressure without worrying about losing their tire strength in the process.

They Require More Frequent Maintenance

The tradeoff involved in installing beadlock wheels is relatively small compared to the benefits it offers. While you can rely on conventional wheels for a while until you drive over something dangerous, a key thing to know about beadlock wheels is that they require more regular maintenance to ensure they’re still safe.

The bolts that beadlock wheels use loosen over time, so it’s a good idea to check them at least every few months. For a vehicle that sees a lot of off-road use, you’ll also need to replace the hardware more frequently than with a conventional tire.

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