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Do you need to replace the tires on your vehicle? Regardless of what kind of tire you pick, selecting the ideal size for your car is crucial. Below, we offer some easy tips for choosing the right tire size for your vehicle.

Consider Why You Need New Tires

The driver should consider why their car needs new tires and what their purpose is. Are you replacing your car’s tires because they’ve grown old and worn down? Or do you need new tires for a specific application, such as off-roading or snow tires for the winter?

If you’re replacing your car’s old tires for standard, highway, and street driving, this decision is easy. Just get new tires the same size as your old ones. You may consider using a larger size if you want snow tires or need all-terrain or mud-terrain tires for off-roading.

Are Bigger Tires Better?

Tire size is largely irrelevant for most drivers who only use their cars for daily driving and the occasional long-distance road trip. Bigger tires mean more tire surface area on the road. That means better grip and traction when driving in difficult conditions like snow or mud.

However, for most drivers, bigger tires won’t serve much purpose and will only be a problem, not a solution. Bigger tires can lead to lower fuel efficiency and acceleration, and they can wear down faster. Your car doesn’t need larger tires unless you need enhanced traction for a specific application.

Replace Tires With the Same Size

The best tip for choosing the right tire size for your vehicle is to copy the size of your old tires for a straightforward replacement. Drivers can dabble with changes like high-performance tires, but they should always stick with the same size tire to avoid problems.

Every car manufacturer recommends a specific tire size for their vehicles that ideally complements the car by maximizing fuel economy and balance between all four wheels. Drivers can find this tire size recommendation in their owner’s manual.

Learn To Read Tire Size

If, for some reason, you don’t have your vehicle’s owner’s manual or lost it, you can also find your vehicle’s tire size by looking at the current tire’s sidewall. Printed on the tire’s sidewall is everything drivers and tire experts need to know about it, from its size to speed index, load index, and more.

On your tire are a series of numbers printed in order. The series always begins with a three-digit and two-digit number, represented as XXX / XX. This code tells the tire’s width in millimeters and the percentage height of the sidewall to the width. With these two numbers, you can find tires of the same size for replacement.

Ask a Professional at RNR Tire Express!

The other option available to drivers is to ask one of the many tire experts at RNR Tire Express! If you need replacement tires in Tucson or want to upgrade to larger tires, we’re here to help! Browse our inventory or schedule an appointment at one of our many shops online today.

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