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Your wheels are your vehicle’s first line of defense when you’re on or off the road. It’s crucial that you’re providing your wheels with the proper care and maintenance they need to continue defending your vehicle from bumps, dips, and pot-holes. Consider the following tire safety tips you can use to keep your wheels in great shape so you and your friends are secure when you’re out on the road.

Be sure to check and change your tire pressure as needed

Hell hath no fury like a Florida summer, which means it’s important that you’re checking your tire’s air pressure routinely. Never check your air pressure when your wheels are warm because hotter weather increases the air pressure in your wheel. This gives you an inaccurate air pressure reading and puts you at risk of driving on underinflated wheels. Wheels that are underinflated can easily overheat, which can be dangerous and endanger lives. Your wheels can lose up to half of their air pressure without even looking like they’re flat. That said, be sure that you’re referring to your car’s owner manual for the recommended tire pressure and that your sidewall displays the maximum allowable pressure for that specific wheel.

Make sure you’re rotating your wheels as needed

It’s recommended that you rotate your wheels every 5,000 miles. When you rotate your wheel, you’re making sure that it wears down evenly. This prolongs the life of your tires and also ensure that you and everyone in the vehicle stays safe. You can also refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine when the best time is to rotate your wheels. You also want to schedule an alignment as soon as possible if you experience any issues with maneuvering your vehicle or if you experience an unusual vibration from your wheel.

Looking for new tires to ensure your vehicle is secure?

There are four main types of off-road tires: sand, snow/winter, all-terrain, and mud-terrain. It’s important that you’re using the right tires for your lifestyle and that they’re properly inflated and taken care of for the weather outside. Whether you’re looking for off-road wheels, custom wheels, or new wheels for your vehicle, RNR Tires has what you need to get on the road. For more information about our different types of wheels, contact RNR Tires today.

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