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You’ve decided to freshen up your vehicle’s look with a brand-new set of wheels. While the first thought might be how they look, there is more you will need to consider. Will the wheels you want fit on your car? How will the wheels you choose impact your car’s performance? Do you want to upgrade your tires with your new wheels for a custom look and feel? You need answers but you are not sure where to look. Here are tips on picking out the perfect set of wheels.   Get Your Measurements Before selecting a set of wheels, you are going to have to get your measurements first. The easiest way to get these measurements is by looking at the sticker plate inside the driver’s side of your car or looking up the specifications online. You can also write down the numbers you see stamped on the side of your tire. These numbers tell what size and which tires so be sure to write down this information so you have it with you when you visit various tire shops.   Keep in mind that off-road tire measurements differ from regular tires. When it comes to off-road tire types, they are usually defined in inches by the measurement of their outer diameter. The size of the wheels you choose is only one factor when measuring new wheels. You will also need to consider other factors such as bolt patterns, wheel offset, and backspacing. If you do not know what these things are, you should consider reaching out to an expert tire shop professional for assistance.   Wheel Types You will need to consider what wheel type will be best for you. There are four main types to choose from; alloy, chrome, steel, and spoke. What you decide to choose will vary depending on what tires you already have and the amount you are willing to spend. Alloy wheels are resistant to corrosion and designed for looks and speed. They are typically lighter in weight and can handle heavy braking without causing warping or damage. These wheels make an excellent choice for racing cars.   Chrome wheels have a high polished shine to them and need regular cleaning maintenance. They are a good option if you are looking to make the most out of your purchase cost. Steel wheels are highly inexpensive and are the heaviest in weight. While this makes them perfect for snowy and rugged terrains, they do take a toll on the car’s overall handling, speed, fuel economy, and brakes. Spoke wheels are another great lightweight option for racing cars, but the downside is they do take additional time for cleaning.   Wheel Size Matters The wheel size you choose matters greatly because it affects how your car performs. If you choose wheels that are too small or too big, it can create instability and cause issues with steering. It can also create problems for your suspensions and brakes if you go beyond the vehicle manufacturer’s design specifications. Having the right size wheels will save you money on future unnecessary repairs.   If you plan on purchasing new tires and wheels at the same time, you can customize the size in two ways. The first is called plus sizing. This is done by increasing the wheel’s width and diameter along with adding a tire that has a shorter sidewall. The second way is called inching up. This involves increasing the wheel’s diameter while matching the tire in height. Going up one inch can give your car better handling and create a smoother ride.   When you’re ready to buy wheels, make sure you have the proper measurements in order to get the best fit. Consider what types of tires you have and whether they are a good option for the terrain you drive most often. Remember that size matters most when it comes down to your car’s overhandling and performance. By taking these tips to heart, you can be confident that your purchase will be perfect for your tires.  

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