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Are you considering getting some new tires for your truck? If so, we’ll explain some of the many benefits of upgrading your truck with bigger tires instead of the standard size. Whether you want to take your truck off-road or make it safer, there are plenty of reasons to invest in larger tires.

Increased Clearance

The first difference that any truck driver will notice as they see and drive their truck with bigger wheels is an increase in height. Using bigger wheels and an adjusted suspension to add height to a truck offers many advantages—primarily protection for the under-chassis from debris and obstructions, such as rocks.

Increasing the ground clearance is necessary for off-roaders to keep obstacles from pounding into the truck’s undercarriage the entire trip. Also, if you live in an area that experiences flooding, a truck with bigger tires and higher clearance can navigate floodwaters more safely.

Pro Tip: Along with increased ground clearance, installing a skid plate on any off-roading vehicle’s under-chassis is wise for protection.

Better for Off-Roading

As previously discussed, the bigger the tires, the greater the clearance, and the better for navigating challenging and brutal off-road terrain. Standard tires on the truck won’t do it for off-roaders—they need more rubber for better traction.

The wider the tire, the better it can grip sand, mud, or rock while off-roading, making it easier for larger, heavier trucks to navigate the terrain. Simply put, the bigger the tire, the more capable it is of tackling any terrain while keeping drivers and passengers safe.

Enhanced Road Grip

The added grip of a wider tire isn’t just advantageous for off-road trails—it’s also a benefit for daily drivers on paved streets. As we said earlier, the wider the tire, the more grip it has on the surface, and that also pertains to streets and highways.

A better grip increases the braking and handling of a truck, which we all know is critical for safe driving. Additionally, having an extra grip on the road when there’s potential ice and snow is invaluable for drivers in winter climates.


Of course, not all the benefits of upgrading to bigger tires on your truck are purely practical. Many drivers switch to bigger truck tires because they like how it looks—and who could blame them?

With bigger tires, a truck stands taller, prouder, and with a more aggressive-looking stance. There are few better or more affordable alternatives to making your truck more rugged and capable than installing larger tires.

Convinced and eager to get new tires for your truck? If so, look no further than RNR Tire Express for tires in Laredo, TX, and many of our locations nationwide. Stop by, and we’ll fit your truck with the ideal tires that make it more rugged, safe, and better looking than ever.

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