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Do you want to improve your car’s handling, style, and fuel efficiency? Those are all reasons to consider low-profile tires over regular tires! Learn more about low-profile tires and their advantages below.

What Are Low-Profile Tires?

Also known as low-pro, low-profile tires are street performance tires. They look thinner than typical tires but are wider and go on large-diameter wheels, requiring shorter overall sidewall heights.

Low-profile tires first came onto the scene in the sixties and became popular with luxury and sports car brands like Porsche and BMW. Now, they can be found on practically any vehicle to add street performance, from Toyota to Audi cars. What are the reasons to consider low-profile tires instead of regular tires?

Advantages of Low-Profile Tires

Improved Handling

Low-profile tires are wider and have stiffer sidewalls than typical car tires. The wider stance of low-profile tires gives them a larger contact area to grip the road, resulting in a better wheel response and more precise handling.

For vehicles with a lot of horsepower and torque, maximum control is vital to safety and makes the car more fun to drive! If your car has a lot of juice under the hood, lo-pro tires are the safe (and fun) tire choice.

Better Braking Equipment

Low-profile tires can only go on wheels with large rims since they’re thinner than typical tires. While this necessitates some modifications, it allows drivers to install new and more powerful brakes.

Everyone knows the better the brakes, the safer the car, and high-powered vehicles need powerful brakes to drive safely. It’s worth considering some new brakes along with your low-pro tires.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Low-profile tires create smoother rides, and smoother rides are more efficient. Low-pro tires aren’t just about speed and performance—they’re also quite practical!

The simple tread pattern of low-pro tires reduces rolling resistance, so your car can go further with less energy. This all amounts to better fuel economy. Consider low-pro tires if you want to boost your car’s fuel economy!

More Style

The aesthetic appeal of low-pro tires is very attractive to many drivers. After all, we love our cars and want them to look their best, including the tires.

The design of low-pro tires gives any car a faster, sportier, or more luxurious style. For those with slick, high-powered sport or luxury cars, low-pro tires are the perfect final touch to make your vehicle stand out.

If you’re ready to put some low-profile tires on your vehicle, we can help! RNR Tire Express has every kind of tire in Lubbock and all our other locations across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona! Give us a call to set up your appointment for low-pro tires today!

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