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Just because off-roading is a great way to get away from all the strict rules of the main road doesn’t mean that it’s a total free-for-all. Off-roading presents a whole new set of dangers to consider, and an experienced off-roader will know how to handle them correctly. Make sure you know these four rules for off-roading that every driver should know before you head out on the trail.

Don’t Drive Somewhere You Aren’t Comfortable

Off-roading can be a very liberating experience that offers a ton of excitement. However, you should make sure that you know the potential risks involved and whether you can handle them. If one particular trail, or section of trail, makes you uncomfortable enough that you don’t think you can get through it safely, trust your gut. It’s better to skip something that seems dangerous because the consequences of biting off more than you can chew can be harmful and expensive.

Lend a Hand to Fellow Off-Roaders

If there’s one rule that every off-roader needs to know, it’s that off-roaders need to stick together. Off-roading offers many incredible experiences, but you can find yourself in a sticky situation faster than you might think. Maybe a tire blows out, or maybe you misjudge how deep a patch of mud is. It’s times like these when you’ll need to look to others for assistance. When off-roaders help one another, everyone can have more fun and be safer on the trail.

Yield to Anything Less Powerful Than You

A lot of off-roading trails aren’t just for vehicle use. You might come across a trail that has plenty of other people doing different activities close by. Hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, ATV riders—like you, all these people and their equipment have the right to be on the trail. A rule you must remember is to always yield to anything less powerful than your vehicle. If you’re in a typical off-roading vehicle, this will likely be almost everything else you come across.

Stay on the Marked Trails

Whether your trail is on public or private property, always stick to marked trails and don’t go blazing your own path. A marked trail is there for a reason. There might be parts of the owner’s private property they don’t want anyone to get close to. On public property, you might be putting yourself or others in danger by veering off the trail.

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