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Wheel alignment issues are at the forefront of common car problems. Your vehicle may need a wheel realignment right now without you realizing it. Below, we explain the key signs of alignment issues in your vehicle that every driver should look for.

Car Pulling to One Side

Does your car want to pull to one side or the other while driving? This is a common symptom of wheel alignment issues in your vehicle that you should get checked immediately. For one, driving a car that doesn’t want to go straight is unsafe. Secondly, it will only get worse with time. Even if you notice only a slight deviation while driving, getting a wheel alignment and fixing the issue before it worsens is best.

Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear

Your tires can also be the canary in the coal mine when it comes to wheel alignment problems. If your car’s wheels are misaligned for long enough, the tires’ tread will let you know. If your tires seem to be wearing out faster than they should or one tire shows greater tread wear than the others, an alignment issue is likely the cause. If unsure, you can use a tread depth meter to measure tires’ tread easily.

Squealing Tires

Another sign of alignment issues in your vehicle that manifests in your tires is the sound they make while driving. If you can hear your tires squeal when your car accelerates or turns, that’s not something you should ignore. The squealing sound is from your tires wearing out unevenly, or it could even be an issue with the brake pads. Either way, get it serviced immediately and get a realignment if necessary.

Uneven Steering Wheel

Are you ever driving and notice that your steering wheel isn’t straight even though your vehicle is? This is a common issue, especially for older cars, but you shouldn’t ignore it. A misaligned steering wheel means misaligned wheels, which will only become more misaligned if ignored and could cause greater problems for your vehicle. For reference, when driving straight, the logo on your car’s steering wheel should also be straight—if it’s off-center, you have an alignment issue.

Get a Wheel Alignment at RNR Tire Express

If your car has any of these symptoms of bad alignment, RNR Tire Express can help! You can get a wheel realignment at our tire shop in McAllen or any of our many other stores across the country. Along with having an exceptional selection of tires, we offer many tire- and wheel-related services, including alignments, rotations, painting, and more! Stop by RNR Tire Express to get your car running straight again today.

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