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If there’s one thing you should pay attention to in your vehicle every time you use it, it’s the brakes. Your car’s braking system is one of the most essential parts, but it involves many disparate components that can wear down over time depending on your driving. Before they give out completely, you should be on the lookout for these brake problem warning signs you can’t afford to ignore.

Less Responsive Brakes

You can feel a properly working brake system the moment you put any pressure on the brake pedal. If you notice it takes more time or force on the pedal before your brakes actually engage, you might be experiencing the beginning of worn-out brakes. This issue may creep up on you slowly, so regularly check your brake’s responsiveness to pressure. Otherwise, you could accidentally miss this warning sign.

Unusually Loud Noises When Braking

A clear warning sign of brake problems you shouldn’t ignore, and likely won’t be able to, is when they make loud grinding or squealing noises. Loud brakes could mean something is stuck in your brakes. More likely, it means your braking system is on its last legs. Abnormal noises coming from your vehicle are never a good sign, so don’t go too long without inspecting your brakes once you hear odd sounds.

Vibrations While Braking

Even if you don’t hear anything different from your brakes, you’ll likely be able to feel your steering wheel rumble or vibrate while you hit the brake pedal. This issue pops up when the rotor of your brake system wears down severely. Eventually, its edge becomes serrated, which causes it to bounce as it moves. This movement travels up to your steering wheel, and it’s a good sign you need to take a look at it.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

A very disconcerting brake system problem is hitting the brake pedal and feeling your car pull to one side or the other. When corrosion sets into your brake system, rust can accumulate and cause your brake caliper to become defective. A defective caliper means your brake pads won’t get even pressure, and they’ll work at varying levels. It will eventually affect your braking and pull your vehicle to one side.

If brake systems are an issue for your vehicle, bring it into our tire shop in Clovis, New Mexico. Our experts at RNR Tire Express are ready to find the problem and nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

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