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A typical hybrid car battery should last nearly 100,000 miles, but that’s not always guaranteed. If your hybrid car battery exhibits these signs, it may be time to replace it.

Dashboard Warning

The clearest sign a driver can get from their hybrid about battery problems is a bright light on the dashboard. If the battery is near total failure, the car should flash a warning sign in the shape of the battery on the dashboard that’s impossible to miss.

The battery symbol on your dashboard should be obvious, but if you’re unsure, check your owner’s manual. Other dashboard warning lights may express problems with the battery, like the vehicle stability control symbol.

Lower Fuel Economy

If a hybrid car has a dying battery or it’s losing its effectiveness, it will manifest in the fuel economy. Most modern cars have a live fuel economy rating on the dashboard for the driver. If that number noticeably drops, it’s a sign to replace your hybrid car’s battery.

You can manually check your vehicle’s fuel economy by filling the tank to full and resetting the trip meter. Once you’re empty again, refill the tank, and take note of the miles you traveled between fill-ups and the gallons to fill the tank. Divide the miles driven by the added gallons; that’s your fuel economy.

Charging Problems

Another sign of a faulty battery in a hybrid car is if its charging patterns and discharge rate become erratic. This problem is more noticeable for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), but drivers of regular hybrids can also notice it.

Most hybrids have real-time battery data on the dashboard showing the vehicle’s charge and discharge rate, so you’ll want to bring it into the shop if you notice any rapid fluctuations.

Internal Combustion Engine Running More

The hybrid battery system works in tandem with the internal combustion engine (ICE) to power the car in a fuel-efficient way. However, if the battery system is malfunctioning or lacking power, then the ICE is running more.

In most hybrids, drivers can hear when the ICE operates more frequently than usual. Consider driving in silence with no music and listen if the ICE is running more often than usual.

Strange Noises

Hearing strange noises is a common sign of problems in any car, not just a hybrid. As we mentioned with the ICE, a hybrid with a weak or faulty battery may make odd noises and drive louder than before.

Drivers should listen for odd fan noises. If they notice their vehicle’s fan running longer and louder, the battery is running too hot and overheating—a clear sign of battery decline.

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