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Everyone wants new wheels for their car or truck, and if they don’t, they should. Getting rid of your car’s stock rims that look busted and tired should be the first thing you do. Before putting your money down, you need to make sure the new rims fit your car. The bolt pattern on the wheels and your vehicle must match up if they are to fit correctly. Without matching bolt patterns, the wheel won’t stay on your vehicle. For as many different vehicles as there are on the road, there are just as many bolt patterns. They aren’t as unique as fingerprints, but they are close. Use this quick guide to wheel bolt patterns to help you find the right wheels.



There are many bolt patterns out there, from the tiny 4×100 Geo Metro bolt pattern to the massive 8×180 pattern on GM trucks. More lug nuts and bolts mean more clamping power and increased security. Smaller vehicles don’t carry as much weight, and they have smaller tires, so they don’t need as many bolts. A half-ton pickup truck will have 5 to 6 wheel studs, and a one-ton truck will have 8. The larger bolt circle distributes the load over a wider area and allows for a large wheel hub and bearing. The pattern tells us a lot about the size of the vehicle and what it’s capable of hauling or towing.



The wheels studs are the bolts that stick out from the hub that the wheel rests on. The lug nuts attach to the studs and secure the wheels to the hubs. When talking about studs, a wider pattern is usually better. The thread pattern on the lug nuts and studs affects the clamping power. The longer the studs and the finer the thread, the greater the amount of clamping power the rims have, and the more secure the wheel will be. They must have the same thread size in order to work and seat properly. The seat refers to the shape at the base of the lug nut, where it contacts the wheel. Most seats are conical, so when tightened, they go into the hole on the wheel and create a tight seal.



A final note on this guide to wheel bolt pattern is how the wheels are centered on the hub. Lugcentric or Hubcentric refers to the way the wheel is centered on the hub. Lugcentric wheels use the studs to center the wheel and are more common on aftermarket wheels. Hubcentric wheels register via the center bore and are more common with OEM wheels.


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