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Is your tire valve broken and leaking? We’ll show you how to fix a leaky tire valve without removing the tire below!

How To Test Your Tire Valve for Leaks

First, you’ll want to confirm that the tire valve stem is leaking and that there isn’t a puncture or leak elsewhere on the tire. Testing your tire valve stem is relatively easy; you just need water and dish soap.

Mix a small amount of soap into a cup of water (you won’t need a lot of water or soap), apply the mixture to the valve stem with the cap removed, and observe. If you see bubbles coming from the stem, that’s a clear sign that air is leaking out and the tire has a broken stem.

What You’ll Need To Replace a Tire Valve Without Removing the Tire

Yes, you can fix a leaky tire valve without removing the tire, but you’ll need some tools and equipment first. You’ll need to deflate the tire, so you’ll want an air compressor handy when you’re done and ready to re-inflate the tire.

Some other tools you’ll need for this job include:

  • Jack and jack stands
  • 4-way valve tool (or valve stem remover and installation set)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tire iron
  • New tire valve stem

Gather the tools before you start so you don’t have to pause your repair to find missing equipment.

Removing the Broken Tire Valve Stem

First, jack up the car to work on the tire without the pressure and weight of the vehicle. Once the tire is in the air, use the valve stem tool to loosen and remove the core of the tire valve stem.

Once you remove the valve stem core, the tire will deflate rapidly; let it go until you can separate the tire bead from the wheel using your tire iron—take your time; there’s no rush. With the tire bead separated, you’ll see the end of the tire valve stem and can use your needle nose pliers to pull it away from the wheel and remove it altogether, cutting it if needed.

Installing the New Tire Valve Stem

With the old tire valve taken care of, it’s time to replace the new one. Install the new stem in the same position as the old one, inserting it from the inside and using the needle nose pliers or the valve tool to pull it through. You may want to use some lubricant or soap to make it easier to slide through.

Once you’ve pulled the new valve stem through, your job is almost done. All that’s left is to inflate the tires back to their desired psi, ensuring the tire bead and wheel connect and form as before you removed the tire valve.

If you need to replace a tire valve stem or other issues with your tires, stop by the RNR Tire Express tire shop in McAllen or one of our other locations nationwide! Whatever your tires need, RNR Tire Express is here to help.

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