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The weather is officially heating up and summer will be upon us before we know it. As such, it’s crucial that we prepare our vehicles for the heat just like we change up our lifestyles. After all, raised temperatures can have a series of effects on these pieces of equipment—and many of them can be incredibly dangerous. These are some common car problems owners face in the summer and how to stop them before they can put you at risk.


Even on a cool day, car engines can reach extreme temperatures while they’re running. This is because its components are all working hard to burn fuel and keep the car moving. However, this means that when the weather itself is already warm, it only adds to the strain being put on the engine which results in it burning out. So, to keep your engine from overheating during a trip, try keeping the vehicle in the shade and taking it to a mechanic at the first sign of trouble.

Failing Air Conditioning

Your car’s A/C is also more likely to malfunction during this time of year due to how hard it needs to work. Car interiors become notoriously hot when exposed to the heat, and, when they do, it takes more energy to create cooled air and pump it through the vehicle. In areas with particularly hot summers, this can easily lead to your A/C system needing to be replaced. Fortunately, you can stave off this issue by not cranking the settings too high.

Fuel Leaks

Another common car problem that owners face in the summer is the potential for fuel lines to break and start leaking. When it’s warm outside, many liquids start to evaporate—and this includes those within the vehicle’s fuel lines. As these substances turn into fumes, it builds up pressure within the fuel tank and the tubes leading to the engine. If left to persist, they can burst open and leak fuel onto the pavement as you drive. Specialists are a great resource for getting this problem sorted.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts, however, are among the most dangerous car issues you could face this summer season. Air pressure can change depending on the temperature of the climate. In warmer weather, the air within tires can expand and raise their overall PSI. This can cause them to become overinflated without you even adding air. When this happens, tires take damage at a faster rate and can blow out when you least expect it. Your car’s tires are particularly sensitive to the heat. As such, it’s important that you get them replaced or cared for before they can start deteriorating. At RNR Tire Express, we specialize in all things related to the maintenance of tires—we even have one of the largest stocks of tires in Greenville, SC. So, we can help you get your vehicle prepared for the season no matter what you may need to do.

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