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Washing your car isn’t like washing yourself. Your skin won’t scratch from using the wrong soap or brushes like the finish on your wheels or paint will. While washing your wheels isn’t rocket science, there is a certain way to do it so they look their best. Avoid making these common mistakes made when cleaning a car wheel. Your car will thank you.

Don’t Clean Them at the Same Time

Cleaning all the wheels at the same time might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. The most common mistake made when cleaning car wheels is trying to do them all at the same time. Running around the car like a spaz trying to clean them all before the water dries won’t help. Do so one at a time and take your time. Get the tire wet and soapy and start cleaning. Move on to the next one when you’re satisfied and repeat.

Don’t Wash the Body First

The wheels and tires of any car are the dirtiest parts. They are covered in dirt, grime, and break dust, so they will need plenty of attention. You don’t want that mess splashing onto the paint of the car after you’ve already cleaned it. Doing the wheels first will ensure you get all the gunk off the wheels and car.

Don’t Use Acidic Cleaners

There are a lot of car cleaning products on the market, so pay attention to the labels before you buy something. Only use cleaners that have a low level of acid, pH, in them to protect the wheels. Acid will get the wheels clean and clear of all dirt and brake dust. It will also strip the finish off the wheel that protects it and keeps it looking good. Don’t use dish soap either, since it’s made for dishes and not cars. Dish soap will get any grease off the wheels, but not much else. Buy cleaners formulated for wheels with a low pH and nothing else.

Don’t Use a Toothbrush

It’s understood you don’t want to buy anything just to wash your wheels, but a toothbrush isn’t the answer. They are too small, the bristles are too stiff, and they will fray easily. The stiff bristles will put micro scratches in the finish that will eventually show up and make the wheels look dull. Get a wheel brush with long, soft, and non-abrasive bristles on it. RNR Tire Express in Rock Hill has cheap tires, slick wheels, and great service. Come down and see what we can do for your car or truck.

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