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As states ease their social distancing restrictions, many people look forward to the future. As they entertain the possibility of going on trips or visiting loved ones, now is a good time to service your car. There is essential car maintenance before a long road trip you can start on now. Read on to learn what some of these are.

Assess Your Motor Oil

First, your motor oil is a good place to start. Your motor oil lubricates your engine and when this oil wears down, acquires impurities, and thickens, your entire engine suffers. Impurities cause internal damage that shortens engine components’ lives. On top of this, your engine experiences increased strain when compensating for thicker, less effective oil, potentially overheating your engine when you’re on your trip. Also, as your engine works harder, it costs you extra gasoline, which costs you more money as you fill up more often.

Check Your Tire Health

Your tires are another vital part of the equation when preparing for a trip. You need to know that they will stand up to potentially unpredictable roads, so their integrity is important. Use the Penny Test, which is done by inserting a penny into your tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see his whole head, you need to replace your tires. Even if your tread depth is fine, inspecting around the tire for other damage, such as sidewall damage, is important. As you get ready to leave, don’t forget to match your tire pressure with manufacturer standards.

Care for Your Air Conditioning and Air Filter

If you’re traveling through a hot area, you will absolutely need a functioning air conditioning system and potentially a new air filter. Bring your car in to check your freon levels—the substance that allows for regulated air conditioning—and generally inspect the system. Additionally, your air filter—which many replace after around 12,000 miles—could be due for a change. If you’re near this mark, it’s best to replace this relatively inexpensive element. After all, your air filter keeps contaminants away from your all-important engine. To be sure you get your essential road trip car maintenance right, visit a credible car servicing business. RNR Tire Express performs expert servicing and sells quality tires in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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