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Whether you’re a car geek, adrenaline junkie, lover of nature, or all three, off-roading is an exciting outlet. The hardest part of it all is the sheer unknown involved. If you’re worried about starting your off-roading adventures, read this guide to off-roading for beginners.

Go Slow

Sometimes, people have the wrong picture of off-roading. They think it’s all about going as fast as you can through all kinds of rough terrains. In reality, particularly at the beginning, you should go slow to be safe. Don’t floor your vehicle—you risk causing your car to wheel hop when you do so. Wheel hopping is when you suddenly accelerate and your tires cannot grip the loose ground below you, resulting in your car vibrating from side to side forcefully. Another reason to avoid going too fast is you may not anticipate the obstacles ahead. Off-roading blindly like this increases your risk of damaging the underside of your off-roading vehicle or colliding with a large obstacle.

Air It Down

One common practice to increase traction is airing your vehicle down. Airing down involves releasing a small amount of air from your tires; this maximizes tire surface area so the tires grip the rocks, sand, and other loose surfaces better.

Practice First on Safe Surfaces

Another more obvious facet of off-roading for beginners is practice. Off-road on flat surfaces first and gradually increase the steepness of the terrain you conquer. This will give you a feel for your particular off-roading vehicle so more difficult driving in the future is easier to deal with. When you navigate more uneven areas, don’t be afraid to get out and walk your route. This can help you anticipate certain rock formations and protect your vehicle.

Take Slopes Head-On

Also, taking slopes head-on rather than from an angle when ascending or descending lowers your chances of flipping. When you ascend a steep slope at an angle, you lose traction on one of your front wheels and change your overall center of gravity, flipping your vehicle backward. On the other hand, driving down at a slant causes a car to flip when one corner of the car begins to lead over the slope’s edge. If you want to get into off-roading, first you’ll need to invest in some quality off-road wheels. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, considering RNR Tire Express. We have an expansive selection of off-road wheels for sale and a caring staff equipped to help you prepare for your off-roading adventures.

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