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From sudden stops to hairpin turns, driving comes with a plethora of potentially dangerous situations to be on the lookout for. If we happen to become distracted, the risk of getting into an accident increases exponentially. Unfortunately, this is a very real threat to not only the driver’s overall wellbeing but also that of their passengers and any pedestrians near the site. This is why automotive technology has sought out a way to stop these tragic events before they occur. Continue reading to understand how automatic braking systems work and the role they play in keeping people safer.

Automatic Braking Basics

Automatic braking, or AEB, systems are one of the leading advancements in modern automotive technology. Designed to detect objects in the car’s path, they will alert the driver of the impending danger before applying the brakes themselves. The purpose of this function is to do what it takes to avoid a crash—especially in cases where the driver shows insufficient reaction time.

The Importance of Automatic Braking Technology

Sadly, millions of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians suffer fatal injuries every year as a result of individual negligence. In fact, many who die aren’t even the ones at fault for the accident. But by giving our cars the ability to respond to the environment, we increase the chances of a more favorable outcome. In the interest of keeping everyone on our roads as safe as possible, automatic brakes are certainly a necessary feature in today’s vehicles.

Inner Workings and Mechanics

Automatic braking systems work by hooking up a series of external sensors to the section of the car’s computer that monitors and controls the status of the brakes. Some variations of the system can immediately apply the brakes upon detecting a hazard, while others will only assist the driver in slowing down. Some systems even allow the brakes to charge over time, providing the driver with more power to stop more quickly. The type a driver will purchase primarily depends on the make, model, and brand of the vehicle they acquire. Safety is key when getting behind the wheel of your car. That’s why we, at RNR Tire Express, seek to provide you with a bit of peace of mind when it comes to your tires. At our tire shop in Florence, South Carolina, we sell only the best-quality tires so that you have enough traction to stop whenever you need to.

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