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A car’s wheel alignment is the key to how it’s going to handle on the road. Whether you’re driving on bumpy gravel or even down a smooth, freshly paved street, this feature will make all the difference for you and your tires. This is how improper alignment affects car safety and what you can do to keep it from happening.


When your vehicle’s wheels are out of their standard alignment, it prevents all four tires from resting the same way against the road. This changes the rate at which certain tires sustain wear, and some will end up more damaged than others in a shorter amount of time. You’ll find yourself needing to replace these tires and experiencing higher amounts of slippage should you fail to do so in a timely manner.

Improper alignment affects car safety by hindering your level of control as the driver. You can’t maintain a consistent level of traction with unbalanced tires. This makes it harder to turn your wheel, and you may begin experiencing resistance in your suspension system. You should always get your tires realigned before you get into a serious accident.


Unfortunately, improper wheel alignment can result from a variety of different causes. However, knowing how to avoid them can greatly increase your ability to prevent it. Typically, any minor bumping of the axis can bend wheels out of place. This includes actions like hitting a curb, running over a pothole, or driving over large road debris. Minor accidents like fender benders can have this effect as well. Make sure you’re driving carefully to reduce your overall risk.


If you suspect misalignment, stop by RNR Tire Express. Our tire shops in Florence, SC can handle this fix, and our experienced mechanics will help you with any other tire issues. Should you need replacements, we also sell high-quality tires from many top-notch brands.

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