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Auto manufacturers are making cars more durable these days, and they are lasting longer. People are also holding on to their cars longer, not wanting to take on another payment. Whatever the reason, there are more older cars on the road, and these old cars need more time and attention than new ones. Machines, no matter how well maintained, wear down and parts break; that’s how it is. You can prevent damage and the need for costly repairs with some common-sense maintenance. Learn how to care for your older vehicle so you can drive it another 100,000 miles.

Keep It Clean

No one wants to drive an old beater car, so keep it clean. The dust and road grime on your car will eat at the finish and lead to rust. The same dirt and debris aren’t good for the air filter and engine as they will choke off the air supply and affect the performance. For those living in areas that get snow, the salt on the roads will rust out a car fast, so keep it clean.

Park Indoors or Under Cover

Harmful UV rays from the sun fade and crack your car’s interior and can crack the paint on the exterior. Rain, hail, and high winds take a toll on the exterior as well. The chances of a tree branch falling on your car are eliminated if you park in a garage or under a carport. Old cars have already taken a beating from the elements, so protect them from any further damage.

Check the Fluids Regularly

Fluids are the lifeblood of any vehicle. They are there to protect the parts and systems and keep them working flawlessly. Low fluid levels will lead to increased wear and the eventual failure of any car, old or new. Check the oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant every time you fill the tank with gas. An overabundance of caution with an old car is warranted.

Change the Oil Often

Caring for your older vehicle means doing things you don’t have to with a new one, including changing the oil more often. Manufacturers have a recommended schedule for oil changes, and it’s usually somewhere around 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Change the oil in an old car more frequently than you have to, and it’ll pay off in the end. Bring your old car or truck into the best tire shop in Greenville, SC, RNR Tire Express. We know how to take care of older vehicles and treat them right.

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