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Aggressive drivers are one of the most nerve-racking hazards to deal with on the road—not only are they dangerous, but they’re often persistent as well. In these situations, another driver seems to take offense to something they’ve perceived in your behavior, whether it’s warranted or not, and lashes out. Learn how to protect yourself from these individuals in case you encounter them—here is how to deal with aggressive drivers safely.

Get Defensive

Firstly, should an aggressive driver set their sights on your car, make sure you adopt more defensive driving practices. Do what you can to get out of their way, and let them pass you up. If that doesn’t work, you can also protect yourself by locking your doors, avoiding eye contact, and staying in your car.

Keep Yourself Calm

When dealing with aggressive drivers, you also need to try your best to stay calm. These individuals are seeking to get a rise out of you. As such, they’re going to put pressure on your vehicle in an attempt to make you nervous. Take this time to practice some deep-breathing exercises and remain focused on the road. This way, you’re ready to react to a threat and will stay level-headed while doing so.

Pull Over Into a Rest Stop

If the aggressive driver you’re currently dealing with is particularly determined, you may need to resort to pulling off the road to lose them. It will allow you to get some distance from the other driver and give you some time to calm down from your experience. Typically, these individuals won’t follow you off the road to continue the confrontation, so you rarely need to worry about further retaliation.

Report the Incident To Authorities

Ultimately, if you feel increasingly threatened by an individual, you should call the police to report them. Things like tailgating, frequent lane changes, and incessant honking can increase the risk of an accident and put the safety of everyone around you on the line as well. For this reason, calling in the incident can help mitigate the situation and maybe even prevent this behavior in the future. Aggressive drivers are everywhere, and unfortunately, you never know when you’ll end up having to deal with one. As such, it’s vital that you’re always ready to maneuver around them, which means ensuring that your vehicle is up to the task. At RNR Tire Express, we make it our mission to provide vehicle owners with quality tires in Beaufort, SC. Each of our models is from reputable brands and comes in a variety of types to ensure that you can rely on them when you need them most.

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