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Distracted driving is often one of the main hazards that motorists experience on the road. This is because many of us become complacent when driving and forget just how dangerous this activity can be. As such, it’s crucial that you not only keep yourself from driving while distracted but also know how to respond to those that may be driving unsafely around you. This is how to deal with distracted drivers in a safe and effective way.

Know the Signs

Half the danger of traveling around a distracted driver is that they tend to go unseen. Blending into the rest of traffic, there’s no telling which of the cars next to you could pose the greatest risk. For this reason, you must know how to point them out before you can determine other courses of action. They can also hide sometimes, but distracted drivers will still demonstrate driving behaviors that don’t quite match the rest of traffic. They may drive slower or faster than those around them, speed up needlessly, and even stop for a bit too long at lights.

Keep Your Distance

Once you’ve identified one near you, the best way to deal with distracted drivers is by trying to keep your vehicle away from them. This ensures that you aren’t in a position where they may collide with you. You can accomplish this by either speeding up to overtake them or slowing down to let them overtake you. Both of these methods can be useful for establishing distance between your two vehicles and getting you out of the danger zone.

Call 911

If neither of these actions are possible, however, you may need to take additional action to keep yourself and those around you safe. If you are unable to avoid a distracted driver and you think they pose a very real threat to other motorists, it’s important that you call 911 to report the incident. During that call, make sure to describe the driver’s behavior in detail and why you feel threatened by them. Should you find yourself in a precarious situation on the road, you’ll want tires you can trust to help you maneuver away from harm safely. So, when your current models reach the end of their lifespan, make sure you reach out to RNR Tire Express. Our tire shop in Charleston, SC, carries thousands of quality tires from several of the top tire brands, ensuring you only walk out with the best.

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