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For many newer drivers–and even some older ones—driving on the highway is the most nerve-wracking experience they can have. Not only are these roads moving much faster than standard side streets, but they also possess a higher amount of traffic and present more of a safety risk. Because of this, it’s common for new drivers to put off driving on them for as long as possible—but you don’t need to be afraid to take the plunge. Here is how to drive on the highway for the first time and maximize your safety.

Go at the Right Time

When honing your skills in highway driving, it’s best to have some wiggle room to practice. As such, you don’t want to start during prime rush hours. Going mid-day or in the evening instead is a great way to reduce your risk of running into traffic. Additionally, try not to pick a road you know to be busier for your first time. Choosing a smaller highway will significantly cut down on your stress during the process.

Drive in the Right Lane

When driving on the highway for the first time, stick to the rightmost lane as much as possible. Since the right lane is what branches off into the roadway’s individual exits, this lane often moves slower than the others. This provides you with a great opportunity to gain experience and slowly get comfortable driving at higher speeds. If something goes wrong, staying in this lane will also ensure that you have a quick way off the highway.

Maintain a Wide Viewing Angle

Make sure you’re establishing a wide viewing range for yourself as well. Position your mirrors so that you can see everything around you. Whether it be other drivers merging onto the roadway or other cars swerving into your lane, the highway environment is constantly changing. For this reason, it’s crucial that you’re able to see hazards and respond quickly to them.

Stay Calm

Ultimately, you must do your best to keep yourself calm while driving on the highway. While performing this action for the first time can be scary, panicking will only serve to hinder your decision-making. Therefore, finding ways to stay levelheaded will be the key to your success. To drive safely on the highway, it’s not just about following safe driving practices—you also need to ensure that your car is up to the task. At RNR Tire Express, we aim to help you do just that. If you’re looking for cheap tires in Sumter, SC, we stock many of the top brands in the industry—such as Firestone and Michelin. As such, we can guarantee quality and reliable products at an affordable rate.

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