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Heavy winds and rain make for a disastrous driving combination. While the rain causes your tires to lose traction, the wind can blow objects onto the road or even blow your car off course. Due to these safety risks, the best thing to do when the inclement weather occurs is to stay inside and refrain from driving. However, sometimes staying home isn’t an option. If you’re in a situation where driving is necessary, it’s important to learn how to drive safely in such weather to reduce your risk of getting in an accident. Here are some of our best tips on how to drive safely in strong wind and rain.

Keep your distance

Now is not the time for tailgating. The further you stay from other vehicles, the safer you’ll be while driving in strong winds and rain. As previously stated, strong winds can quickly knock you or other vehicles off course. If you’re driving too close to another vehicle, this sudden and involuntary change of course can result in a dangerous collision. By keeping your distance from other vehicles, you’ll have a nice cushion of space just in case you suddenly lose control or need to brake.

Ease off the gas

Perhaps the most important tip on how to drive safely in strong winds and rain is to ease off the gas. In other words, slow down. The faster you drive, the harder it becomes to stay in control of your vehicle in crosswinds. Slowing down will also decrease your risk of hydroplaning as your tires will be able to scatter the water better.

Make sure your tires are up to snuff

Your vehicle’s tires will play a large role in your safety when driving in strong winds and rain. Heavy rains significantly reduce traction on the road, which makes it harder to start, stop, and turn without sliding. If the tread on your tires is worn, your vehicle’s traction will be even worse, and you’ll greatly increase your likelihood of slipping and sliding off the road or into another vehicle. To ensure your vehicle has the best possible grip on the road, it’s important to rotate and replace your tires regularly. You should also make sure that your tires are at the proper inflation level to further improve your vehicle’s traction. To ensure that your vehicle is prepared to handle strong winds and rain whenever they arrive, purchase a set of new tires from RNR Tire Express. Our tire shop in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a wide variety of tires for nearly every make and model so that you have what you need to tackle the road safely.

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