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At some point, everyone has had to deal with an aggressive tailgater. They are the worst kind of driver— always in a hurry, with no regard for anyone else on the road. Tailgating is dangerous and puts at least two cars at risk, if not more. When following someone too closely, the available stopping distance for the tailgater comes down to almost zero. There is no chance of avoiding an accident if the lead car has to stop suddenly. Learn how to handle an aggressive tailgater so you can get out of this dangerous situation.

Pull Over When Able

When you notice the tailgater, don’t panic. It’ll be jarring the first time you see them. Even if you check your mirrors often, this speed demon will come out of nowhere. One minute there’s nothing, and then they appear. Keep your eyes forward and on the road but start scanning for a spot to pull over. Don’t speed up and don’t drive aggressively because nothing is going to appease the driver. When it’s safe, pull over and let them go.

Keep Driving

Knowing how to handle an aggressive tailgater can keep you out of an accident. If you are a solid driver and unflappable, then keep on driving. Odds are the driver behind you isn’t aggressive, but just a bad driver who doesn’t realize that tailgating is dangerous and foolish. Ignore the clown behind you and keep driving along. Maintain your speed and drive in a safe and responsible manner. They will turn away or pass you eventually.

Don’t Tap the Brakes

Don’t meet aggression with aggression. The tailgater is already amped up and driving like a fool. Lots of people will tap their brakes to get that person to back off. This is a mistake and will only provoke an already angry person and could lead to a road rage incident. Tapping the brakes will get their attention the first time, but eventually the tailgater will ignore the brake light and assume you are only tapping them and not really stopping. When it comes time for you to stop for real, the rear car will ignore your brake lights and could rear-end you. RNR Tire Express tire stores in Columbia, SC, is the place for wheels and tires. We can install new wheels on your car or truck today. Come in and see what we can do.

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