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Having your tire repaired as opposed to replacing it altogether can be a more cost-effective way to get you back on the road. But there are times when your car’s tire is too far gone and attempting to repair it may only increase the chances of a blowout while on the road. Learn how to know when a tire can’t be repaired to keep yourself safe while driving.

You Drove Too Long on a Flat Tire

Your car’s wheel is designed to be driven only while the tire is inflated. If you experience a sudden loss of air pressure in the tire and you begin driving on a flat, this will result in the damage of important internal structures within your wheel. For example, it could damage the tire’s sidewall to the point it needs replacement.

The Tire’s Sidewall

Any puncture to the sidewall of the tire will end with a hole that cannot be patched. This is because, unlike the tread of the tires, there are no cords that run through the sidewall structure. Those cords are what enable us to patch up the structure, and without them, any patches will not hold. This also applies to the shoulder of the tire as well; damage to the shoulder typically means the tire needs a replacement.

Damage To the Tread

Beyond just your sidewall, if the damage to your tire tread is too extensive, then it cannot be safely fixed. If the gash left in your tire after a puncture is a quarter-inch or greater, the tire simply needs to be replaced. A deep puncture that exposes the nylon or steel belts of the inner tire is also an indicator that the tire has sustained too much damage.

A Bulge Forming on Your Tire

Bulges or bubbles form on your tire when the rubber hits the edge of potholes, curbs, or speedbumps. This happens because the fabric of the inner lining of the tire is damaged and can no longer properly contain the pressurized air inside the tire. Tires with these bubbles are at risk of bursting when the tire has contact with the road, meaning any kind of driving will likely result in a blowout.

Replace Before the Risks Are Too Great

Look for the signs and know when your tires can’t be repaired. Ensure the tires of your vehicle are sturdy, safe, and can reliably handle the hazardous conditions of the road. Contact RNR Tire Express for a selection of reliable tires in Hutchinson, Kansas.

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