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Maintaining your car’s tire pressure is one of the most important aspects of keeping your car in proper driving form. Not only does the correct PSI establish the perfect amount of grip with the road, but it also helps prevent tire damage and, ultimately, blowouts. As such, it’s your job as a vehicle owner to occasionally check and fill your car’s tires should they run low on air. This way, you’re protecting yourself as well as your belongings. This is how to properly add air to your tires and make sure they’re always at the right levels.

Determine the Correct PSI

Before you set about filling your tires, it’s crucial that you have an idea of what your tire’s PSI, or pounds per square inch, should be. All tires have a designated PSI that they should be at in order to offer the best performance for your vehicle. Filling it too much or too little can lessen the effectiveness of your tire and even make it more susceptible to damage. So, looking up this recommended PSI in the owner’s manual and keeping that number in mind can help you greatly moving forward.

Remove Valve Cap and Check Current PSI

Then, choose the tire you want to work on first, screw off the valve cap, and measure the current PSI with a tire gauge. This will let you know most accurately where the PSI is and how much air you’ll need to add to get to the designated number. Try taking this reading a few times on each tire for the best possible results.

Use a Dispenser To Fill With Air

The next step to properly adding air to your tires is to press the air dispenser nozzle against the tire valve. This will pump the air directly into the tire and raise its overall PSI. Since this process can happen fast and you don’t want to overfill your tires, you should only add air in short bursts and check the PSI after each burst. Doing so keeps you informed of where that tire’s levels currently are and whether you’re approaching the numbers you want.

Recap Tire and Repeat

Once your tire gauge reads the amount of pressure your tire should have, it’s time to replace the valve cap and move onto the next tire. Remember that this process can take some time and may even require you to let some air out should you go over the recommended PSI. But overall, it’s well worth the money you save by preserving your tires’ lifespan. At RNR Tire Express, we want your car’s tires to last as long as possible. This is why our tire shop in Spartanburg, SC offers both filling services, along with high-quality tires for sale. Whether your current tires are in need of a tune-up or you’re looking to buy new ones, we have you covered.

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