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  When you replace your regular tires with winter tires in December, or when spring comes around and you take your winter tires off, you’ll need to store your tires appropriately. It’s possible that, as you change them around, you’ll accidentally expose them to conditions that damage them. To prevent doing this and learn how to properly store car tires, read our brief guide.

Clean Them First

You drive your tires through all kinds of conditions, and even on the best day they still pick up dirt and foreign substances. As you remove them, this is the perfect time to clean them. Any dirt or other sources of grime could potentially damage your tire over time if unaddressed. Also, it simply helps your tires look good when you clean them regularly.

Seal Your Tires in a Bag

After giving them a good clean and drying them thoroughly, you can seal each tire in a separate plastic bag. Now, these don’t need to be completely sealed, but restricting airflow and vacuum sealing the bag will cut down on tires’ exposure to moisture and harmful ozone that could emit from a nearby furnace.

Place Them in a Controlled Environment

When looking to properly store car tires, it’s generally good to regulate the environment where your tires will set up house for a few months. It’s best to store tires at a consistent, slightly cool temperature to keep them from drying out. Also, keeping them in an enclosed area shields them from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This is crucial because ultraviolet damages your tire’s rubber polymers.

When Storing a Car Long Term

When your tires sit unused for long periods of time on a car you’re storing, they may distort. To keep your tires’ rubber healthy, take your car for occasional drives to vary how the car sits on them. Also, use those drives as opportunities to assess their condition. If you need wheels and tires in OKC, RNR Tire Express is the place to go. We have an all-star team that wants to help you determine what service is best for your car.

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